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Liberty Village is a caring community, and on March 18th we here at Vibrant Lifestyle Health Store & Wellness Centre want to make it easy for you to show your true colours and support your community, while you can simultaneously help us to give back. A good measure of the health of any community is how well it takes care of all its members, especially those who are struggling the most. People with various challenges – be they financial, physical, mental, or otherwise – are not separate from a conceived notion of “us” – the old us vs them mentality, where the group is defined as being “not that other thing”. Well that’s simply not how it works. Community is the whole, and Vibrant Lifestyle is stepping up in conjunction with the charity group Liberty Village Cares, to support and feed our neighbours just down the road at Strachan House.

Strachan House is a supportive housing facility, helping to get people off the streets. Everyone needs a home, and Strachan house offers accommodations to those in need, and provides extras such as access to a visiting public health nurse. Homes First, the group behind the creation of Strachan House and other shelters and affordable housing facilities, says, ” We believe that the essential first step in getting people off the street is to give them a home of their own and voice in the decisions that affect their housing.” Strachan House has made a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Liberty Village Cares has initiated a Sunday Dinner program, where free meals are supplied for those in need at Strachan House. This is how a community takes care of its own.

It is to this Dinner Program that Vibrant Lifestyle will be donating $1 from every purchase, no matter how small the purchase, PLUS 5% of every sale that is $100 or more. Every single purchase makes a difference! And to sweeten the deal for you, we’re offering everything in the store for 15% off, that day only. That’s right: on top of the 15% we are giving to you, an additional 5% of large purchases goes to feed our neighbours at Strachan House, as well as an additional $1 dollar for every purchase. Everyone will make a difference, no matter how large or small your purchase.

It’s a charity sale!

Together we can make a huge difference and have a massive, loving impact. So much of what happens in life is beyond our control; but for one different decision, one fluke, or one altered opportunity, any of us could end up in such positions of need. Community is about having compassion and picking each other up when we’re down. Help us do our part in giving back to this vibrant community.

On Saturday March 18th, shop at Vibrant Lifestyle Health Store to save 15% while supporting a great, local cause. And remember, every purchase counts!


It’s time to Get Back on the Health Wagon – SPRING EDITION!

We can hardly contain our enthusiasm about SPRING! Life is re-emerging from the dormancy of winter, with new buds already forming on tree branches, milder days, and a little more pep in your step. Can you feel it?

So here we are, in the middle of winter. Winter is beautiful and can be cozy, and lots of fun to play in, but by this point of the year, most people are over it, and our summer's store of vitamin D has run out.

It’s January! Happy New Year!

Now that a lot of us have gotten some things out of our system (partying, indulgences…), many will feel ready to embrace a newer, healthier lifestyle and set some goals. Awesome!

…But…. Where do you start?

Candace here, your friendly neighbourhood Holistic as Heck nutritionist. I hope you have been enjoying all the delicious, in-season fruits and vegetables from you local markets and farmers! But have you been putting this seasons harvest away for the winter?

...a post about HONEY and 7 bee-loving things you can do.

Hey guys! Holistic as Heck Candace here, and I love me some fuzzy bumbles. Let's talk about why.

You will be amazed at the options available to you that are natural, i.e., do not leave chemical residue and do not pollute your home environment. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Your body only knows as good as you give it. If it has only known junk, then it will look for what is most useful of that junk and it will probably taste good to you. But if you introduce something less-junky to your body – something more nutritious, or at least closer something to its whole food form – then your body just might say, “wait a minute… this stuff EXISTS?! Why have I been eating that other crap the whole time?!” And soon that “other crap” that you used to enjoy might not taste so good. Don’t be disappointed – this is a good thing. But there are other things that may have to happen first, so we’ll come back to this.


Hola, wellness-lovers! Holistic as Heck Candace here, and today I want to give you the dish on cosmetics and body care products. This is a MASSIVE topic, and I want to give you a thorough introduction and help you to understand the basics: what’s in our personal care products, why it matters, what to do about it, and why the stuff we’ve got is a wayyyyy better choice for you.

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