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Where my sistahs at?

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New as of June 2016, there’s going to be a women’s circle at Vibrant Lifestyle. I’m excited to bring this to the community as I believe that a female support network is beautiful, healing, and very important.

A women’s circle is a gathering of women in a safe space in the name of community, support, wisdom-sharing, understanding, and respect. We come to let our voices be heard, and to hear the voices of others. Gathering like this is a way to take care of each other. And it is a way to take care of ourselves.

candaceThe circle will be facilitated by me (Candace), to keep things running smoothly as best I can, but this is not a workshop or a seminar; the circle is us, as a collective – the magic arises in the conversations and the sharings. And who am I? My name’s Candace. You may know me as a Holistic as Heck nutritionist at Vibrant Lifestyle, but I don’t want to get into credentials, as this doesn’t have anything to do with that. Hi, I’m Candace and I’m a loving human-lady who wants to get real with you. I’m creative and curious and compassionate. And I want to create a circle with you.

So what do we do at a women’s circle?

We sit in a circle and talk: mostly as a group, and sometimes in partner work. Sometimes there will be intentional stillness and silence, sometimes a little bit of movement. There will be a different theme for each gathering, and much discussion on topics that can be especially important for women in this time, in this city. As a group, we can help to raise each other up. There is power is saying something out loud. Sometimes simply feeling heard is what is most healing; other times hearing others who have had similar experiences can help us to feel validated; other times still it may be that hearing others who have had such different experiences from our own gives us the perspective we need.

Do you need a community of strong, like-minded women to help keep you accountable? Motivated? Inspired? Maybe a women’s circle is for you.

Compassion, respect, and safety are some of the foundational principles of a women’s circle. Anything personal you might choose to reveal stays within the circle. You are free to be yourself and say what you need to say.

Every woman’s experience is valuable and holds wisdom. A circle is a place for us to shed masks and share these experiences, and to learn from those of others. Your task as a participant in a woman’s circle is to commit to bringing your best, highest self, and to see the best, highest version of each woman who has chosen to join you in that circle. In this way we honour ourselves and each other.

A women’s circle is an emotional and spiritual well, which we may come to in order to refill our cups. Whether you feel juicy, satiated, dry or thirsty – especially if you thirst – I invite you.

Please click here for logistics or to sign up. I hope to see you in circle soon.

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