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It’s January! Happy New Year!

Now that a lot of us have gotten some things out of our system (partying, indulgences…), many will feel ready to embrace a newer, healthier lifestyle and set some goals. Awesome!

…But…. Where do you start?

We want to help you feel and look healthier, and to reach your healthy goals in 2017! So if you don’t know where to begin, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it for you.

We’ve put together a selection of important products for you to get on top of, in order for you to up your health game. Come join us on the health wagon! We want to encourage you to cover all your bases. That means that we suggest everyone begin by incorporating one of each of the following into your lifestyle:

  • a greens supplement
  • a “multi” (a multiple-vitamin and multiple-mineral complex)
  • a probiotic
  • protein powder
  • Omega/EFA (healthy fats)

You can pick whichever product you like from each of these five categories, and if you’re not sure which to go for, we are happy to help customize your combo and find the products that are right for YOU.

Buy a product from at least 4 of these 5 categories, and receive 20% off your purchase! This offer is extended for the entire month of January, because we want to see you thrive and feel vibrant!

So what’s the big deal about these 5 types of supplements, anyway? What makes them so important?

Let’s talk about that.


Taking a greens supplement is kind of like the next best thing to having a really big, and really really diverse salad. Yes, fresh is always best, but how likely are you to make a fresh salad with, say, 40 or more different types of herbs and superfoods? Or algae? How often does anyone really have an algae salad?

Because whole foods are used to make these products, you’re getting the benefits of not only vitamins and minerals in their natural forms, but also their co-factors (that is, nutritional buddies that work together both in helping each other absorb AND to do their jobs in your body) and phytochemicals (which are biologically active compounds found in plants that have special jobs, many of them protective. You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before. That’s an example of one kind of phytochemical).

The bottom line: a greens supplement is a way to pack a wallop of real, whole food goodness, harnessing all the nutrient-dense powers of green foods, into a mouthful.



A multi has a moderate amount of all the basic vitamins and minerals your body requires every day, for basic functioning, repair, growth, renewal, and energy. If your levels are low in any given nutrient, a multi offers enough to help “top you up”. Think of it as nutritional insurance. Some multi’s also have cool extras in them, such as herbs to balance hormones for men or women (many multi’s are made for one gender specifically), antioxidants, and other additional phytochemical or herbal bonuses.

The bottom line: this is a great way to ensure that you’re meeting your daily micro-nutrient needs and work to prevent deficiencies.



These are the “good” bacteria that naturally live in our digestive tract. We’re all full of bacteria, inside and out, and the “good” bacteria in probiotics helps to crowd out and displace the “bad” bacteria that can make us feel sick. Bacteria influence our health in literally hundreds of ways. The beneficial bacteria, or “friendly flora” in probiotics is especially noted for their ability to improve digestion, heal the gut, support the immune system, and boost mood. As the majority of people in this culture have a dramatic imbalance of gut bacteria (that is, far more of the bad guys than the good guys), probiotics are crucial and can be a total game changer.

The bottom line: everything stems from the gut, and so restore your gut health with “friendly” bacteria to improve digestion, immunity, and mood.



Protein is one of the three macronutrients that comprise our dietary needs, and not getting enough is seriously going to hold you back.  Protein provides the building blocks for muscle, but it’s not all about bulking up. Protein is required for wound healing and for a strong immune system. It provides the building blocks not only for body parts such as bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin, but also for smaller, crucial bits, like hormones and enzymes. Consuming protein assists with fat loss, as well as daily repair and maintenance of our bodies. It also provides us with energy and keeps us feeling full for longer periods of time.

We all have our own individual daily requirements for protein intake. If you’re not getting enough from your food, protein powders can be a convenient way to meet your needs. You will require even more protein than usual when growing (think teenagers!), when you’re working out (especially when you’re just starting a training program, or are amping up your workouts), when you’re recovering from an injury or a serious illness, if you have an autoimmune disease, and often if you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The bottom line: you need sufficient protein to maintain a healthy weight; recover from injuries, exercise, and daily wear and tear; build lean muscle; and curb hunger.



We all know that there are good fats and bad fats. EFA stands for essential fatty acid, and these are not only some of the good fats, but they are THE fats that your body cannot make for itself, and must therefore come from diet and supplements. This is why they are called “essential”, as it is essential that you ensure you ingest them in some form. So what are they? Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Omega 6 fatty acids get a lot of flack, but the high amounts we tend to ingest are mostly “dead” – usually heated to death in overly processed foods. Most people are still low in good, usable Omega 6.  It’s true that Omega 3 is the one that we need more of. But they’re both “essential”.

So why do we need them anyway? For starters, healthy fats are a major fuel-source for our bodies. These two particular types of healthy fat together help to balance hormone levels and modulate inflammation. They can help us recovery from injuries faster, soothe and lubricate our intestines and joints, promote healthy bowel movements, feed our brains, support our nervous systems, improve mood, support heart health and lower your risk of heart disease, improve blood cholesterol levels, balance blood sugar levels, give structure to our cells, allow us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (you can take all the vitamin supplements in the world, but if you eat a too-low fat diet, you won’t be able to get a number of them into your system to provide you with any benefit), AND, believe it or not, can help you to maintain a healthy weight. That’s right! This fat does not get stored on your body as fat. Eating good fat helps to keep you feeling satisfied and full for longer, so you don’t need to eat as much food, or eat as often, and it provides you with fuel to burn for energy.

These good fats can be found in varying amounts in fish, eggs, raw nuts, raw seeds, avocados, and healthy oils in their raw (unheated) state, such as flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, fish oil, borage oil, olive oil, algae oil, and others.

The bottom line: Consuming healthy fats is essential to good health. If you want to improve your energy levels, reduce inflammation, boost your brain power, help your heart, and support your body’s natural healing mechanisms, then you need omega fatty acids: healthy fat!


Okay, so you want to join us on the Health Wagon in 2017. Great! And now you know what types of supplements to start with. Excellent! But are you still not sure what items to pick up?


Let the VL Team show you some of our favourite supplements:

Supplement Candace Natalie Eliza
Greens Supplement Schinoussa Sea Vegetables with Berry Antioxidants

Genuine Health Greens+ Whole Body Nutrition Fermented Superfood


Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Original Formula

Whole Earth and Sea Multivitamin


New Chapter Women’s One Daily


Pranin Organic Pure Food A to Z Powder
Probiotic NFH Recovery SAP probiotic

New Roots Acidophilus


Progressive HCP 70
Protein Powder

Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend


Garden of Life Raw Meal


Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Protein
Omegas/EFAs Genestra EFA Liquid New Chapter Wholemega Whole Fish Oil Capsules New Roots Wild Omega


You might be wondering…. What if I’m vegan? There are still LOTS of options for you, for each category. Here are some suggestions:

Supplements Vegan Choices
Greens Supplement

Organic Traditions Spirulina Powder

Multi Pranin Organic Pure Food A to Z Powder

Nova Probiotics Vegan Ultra Force Plus + 100 (or whatever dosage seems appropriate for you – please ask us if you are unsure).

Protein Powder Vega Sport Performance Protein

NutraVege 2x Omega-3 Plant Extra Strength



But what if you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding? These 5 categories of supplements are ALL still good things to do, but again, with different products more suited to your needs. Here is one suggested combo:

Supplements Choices for Prenatal, Pregnancy or Breastfeeding
Greens Supplement Naka Vital Greens
Multi Mega Food Baby & Me (or Cam&Sawyer’s Male Prenatal, for men preparing for healthy conception)
Probiotic Genestra’s HMF Maternity
Protein Powder Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+
Omegas/EFAs Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA, and New Roots Wild Omega 3 (these products together will balance each other out)



And now, if you’re thinking, but I’m super athletic! Do I need something different? You might, but then again, you might not. In terms of these products, it might come down to dosaging more than anything. Here are some suggestions for you:

Supplements Athlete’s Choices
Greens Supplement Progressive VegeGreens
Multi Platinum Activ-X
Probiotic Genestra HMF Forte
Protein Powder Schinoussa 100% New Zealand Protein Probiotic Whey Isolate

Nutra-Sea+D Omega 3 Fish Oil


Of course, this suggestion of taking these 5 foundational supplements is a starting point. If you want to go deeper, you can always book an appointment with a practitioner to dig deep into your own needs and messages from your body. We have a naturopathic doctor (Melissa Chan) and two certified holistic nutritionists (Natalie, RHN, and Candace, CNP) here at Vibrant Lifestyle. We are here to help!

As Lao Tzu reminds us, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. (And a thousand cheesy memes does not negate one very real truth.) Let us bring you one step closer to reaching your goals!

Wishing you all the best for a very VIBRANT 2017! Why not make it your best year yet? We belieeeeeve in you!

With shiny enthusiasm and Vibrant resolve,

-Candace, Natalie & Eliza | | | |

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