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A Blog About the Blahs: 5 Tips to Get Through the Rest of the Winter Featured

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So here we are, in the middle of winter. Winter is beautiful and can be cozy, and lots of fun to play in, but by this point of the year, most people are over it, and our summer's store of vitamin D has run out.

So we’re tired. A lot of us have no motivation or drive to get things done, and kind of just want to hibernate (well, I do, anyway; pass the tea, please). So until the sun comes back in full force, what can you do about it?
Here are some awesome pick-me-up diet and lifestyle ideas that can keep you going through 'til the end of the grey.

1) JUICING! grapefruits! oranges! kale! ginger! apples! pears! parsley! lemons! carrots! spinach! wheat grass! all of it! juice it!
Juice is a fantastic way for your body to easily absorb a lot of nutrients, while keeping fully hydrated. Not to mention, it’s light, delicious, and relatively easy.
Ginger is very warming and is an especially good one for winter. It's a good idea to add this root herb to any winter juices you're making.
I like to save up all my kale, collard, and parsley stems from cooking, and then once I have a few bunches worth, I juice it all at once and add whatever else I have around. Once that stem-bag is full, I know that's my cue to juice, and that if I'm juicing those stems, I might as well juice a bunch of other things, and only have to wash the juicer once that week. That's how I stay on the juicing train throughout the winter.

2) Vitamin D supplements. Otherwise known (and rightfully so) as the sunshine vitamin.
We absorb this through our skin all summer long, and it takes about three months to build the proper amounts in our system. This means even half way through summer, we usually still don’t have the proper amount of vitamin D in us. Keep taking supplements throughout the year to avoid things like S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).
At the shop here, we've got vitamin D in capsules, drops, tablets, and sprays. There are even emulsified options (that means it's easier to break down and absorb) for anyone with compromised liver or gall bladder function. This is a crucial nutrient, and as we don't get enough from the sun in the winter, it becomes an incredibly important supplement. With so many supplement options, there's no excuse! Come and get it.

3) Exercise. Although it’s the last thing we usually want to do when we’re feeling in the slumps, stop thinking about it, and start doing it. It doesn’t have to be vigorous to be of benefit; start your day with a few sun salutations to get your blood pumping and some energy throughout your body and mind.

4) Go to sleep. No, really. Go to sleep. Early. Go to bed at 10pm. Wake up at 6am. This is when the sun is starting to rise (well, right now it's about 7:30am, but it will of course increasingly get earlier). When the sun rises, rise with it. This is the body’s natural rhythm, and allows everything to function optimally.

5) Drink your greens instead of coffee. We know that coffee is the go-to when you’re dragging yourself around, but it’s actually just stealing nutrients and energy from your body in the long run. Not to mention promoting adrenal fatigue (physiological inability to cope with stress well) which is keep you feeling slumpy all year round. Greens are a nutrient-dense energy boost that can start your morning off right. If it’s that warm, savoury mug of robust flavour that you’re aching for, try a mug of Dandy Blend (a delicious and healthy instant coffee substitute), chaga tea (my wintertime fav!), or this fancypants spiced chaga drink.
If you must have your coffee, try Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee Mix. It's real coffee, blended with medicinal mushrooms (don't get too excited - yes they're magical, but no, they're not psychoactive). These particular magic mushrooms offer support to your adrenals (think stress management), which is a key area that takes a hit when you drink coffee, thereby neutralizing the adrenal-depleting effects. It's also pretty much jitter-free coffee. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who just can't handle caffeine. Half a cup of coffee, and I'm vibrating, nauseous, and mentally off my rocker for nearly the rest of the day. And yet: I can drink this stuff. Friends, that is saying a lot. (Keep in mind: I'm talking a reasonable amount - I personally cap it at one mug still.)

So there you have it - there are still lots of great ways to get your fix and have a healthy energy boost. Get happy, friends! (And by doing so, you’ll keep your immune system up, too, donchaknow.)

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