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It’s time to Get Back on the Health Wagon – SPRING EDITION!

We can hardly contain our enthusiasm about SPRING! Life is re-emerging from the dormancy of winter, with new buds already forming on tree branches, milder days, and a little more pep in your step. Can you feel it?

Spring is the best time of year to detox and reset. After the heavy foods of winter, the light fresh foods of spring are a welcome change. We start to venture outside into the sun again, getting light on our face, vitamin D on our skin, and as we spend more time in nature, we also clear the cobwebs from our minds and our mood lightens. As we open up the windows and start sweeping rooms and tidying homes and shaking out bedsheets in a fit of spring cleaning, we can do the same for our bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s time to flush out all the built up wastes of the winter and clean out our physical systems, just as we clean out our homes, and get lighter!

…And you know that the Vibrant Lifestyle Team is once again here to help you out.

Are you ready to get back on the Health Wagon? Vibrant Lifestyle’s SPRING HEALTH WAGON SALE is designed to help you cleanse yourself into light, bright, healthy, vibrancy! We have put together a selection of great spring-time products to help you detox, re-energize, digest smoothly, and get that pep back in your step!

Buy 1 product from each of any 4 (or more) of the following categories and receive 20% off your entire purchase!
1. Greens
2. Cleanse Product
3. Digestive Support
4. Probiotic
5. Weight Loss
6. Energizer
You can pick whichever products you like from each of these six categories, and if you’re not sure which to go for, we are happy to help customize your combo and find the products that are right for YOU. Offer extended for all of March and April!

Here’s why we think these are great products for spring (with example products for each):


A good greens supplement is alkalinizing, gently detoxifying, revitalizing, and nourishing, offering a wallop of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals.

Taking a greens supplement is kind of like the next best thing to having a really big, and really really diverse salad. Yes, fresh is always best, but how likely are you to make a fresh salad with, say, 40 or more different types of herbs and superfoods? Or algae? How often does anyone really have an algae salad? Because whole foods are used to make these products, you’re getting the benefits of not only vitamins and minerals in their natural forms, but also their co-factors (that is, nutritional buddies that work together both in helping each other absorb AND to do their jobs in your body) and phytochemicals (which are biologically active compounds found in plants that have special jobs, many of them protective. You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before. That’s an example of one kind of phytochemical).


  • Naka Vital Greens
  • Schinoussa Sea Vegetables
  • Genuine Health Fermented Whole Body Nutrition with Greens
  • New Roots Chlorella capsules
  • Health Force Spirulina Manna

The bottom line: a greens supplement is a way to pack a wallop of real, whole food goodness, harnessing all the nutrient-dense powers of green foods, into a mouthful.


Cleanse products are typically herbal combinations formulated to detoxify specific systems or organs, such as the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, or colon; or to kill of a particular invader, such as candida or parasites; or to gently cleanse the whole system.

If you know you have an issue with a particular body part, it’s probably a good idea to target it. Perhaps a practitioner has identified a particular problem area for you (kidneys, liver, etc.).

…Or perhaps your lifestyle or workplace environment or habits can point towards which parts of your body need the most attention. For example, a smoker or someone who works in construction involving harsh paint solvents or asphalt might need a lung flush; or a heavy drinker might want to consider a liver flush.

  • Omega Alpha Liver Flush
  • New Roots Liver capsules
  • St Francis Hepato DR

…Or maybe your symptoms can indicate what areas need a little extra love. For example, if you are constipated and only have a bowel movement every other day (or even less often), then you may well require a colon cleanse.

  • Renew Life Intestinew
  • Holy Tea

But what if you don’t have any specific problems? Well, do you take your car for a tune up once in a while? Or do you only take it into the shop when it completely breaks down? Our bodies need regular tune ups, just like our cars. The idea is that we take care now, so that we don’t get seriously ill later. This is about maintenance for the long haul! And honestly, we tend to take better care of our cars than we do of our own bodies. If you don’t seem to have any particular issue but just want a tune up, there are great general cleanse products for you. These products usually offer a gentle cleanse for each of the primary detoxification organs and bodily systems that tend to require the most support and maintenance work: the liver, kidneys, colon, and blood.

  • Wild Rose Detox
  • New Roots Energy Cleanse
  • Genestra Candaclear Four

The bottom line: to keep things running smoothly, your body needs a regular tune up, at least once a year. A cleanse or a detox program can clear out the clutter of winter’s accumulation and prepare you for the newness of the seasons ahead.


This is a broad category of support products. It is often said that health and illness stem from the gut. Maintaining our digestive health is the basis of our overall wellbeing. If you are unable to properly digest your food, then you cannot efficiently absorb the nutrients required for daily functioning, energy production, maintenance, and repair. A sluggish digestive system accumulates toxins, and ineffective eliminations means that your body is not able to dispose of its waste products. Your liver works hard to detoxify your whole body, and the harmful products that it rounds up for elimination – that it is protecting you from! – are collected and delivered to the intestines to be removed from the body via the back door. If the back door is blocked up, those toxins get reabsorbed into your system, creating twice as much work for your liver. There’s hardly a point in cleansing if you’re not pooping every day! So let’s tune up this system for the sake of not only our digestion, but our health over all!

Healthy digestion requires adequate amounts of stomach acid, or hydrochloric acid (HCl for short); digestive enzymes; bile; water; and fibre. If you need more water, then of course you just have to drink more, but for the rest of these items, there are supplemental forms available of each, to help your system out. You cannot become dependent on these types of supplements; if you don’t have enough, then you simply NEED to supply these basic items; digestive support aids give your system a break.

In addition to the above, there are various herbal products that can help the body with various digestive functions. Bitter tasting herbs, for example, stimulate the body to produce more of its own HCl, thereby improving digestion. Aloe vera juice is enzyme rich, soothes digestion, and calms intestinal inflammation. Demulcent herbs like marshmallow root and slippery elm coat the digestive tract allowing for healing. Fennel relaxes the intestines to allow for better digestion. Ginger and peppermint are great help for nausea. L-glutamine is an amino acid that helps to repair damage to the intestinal lining. As you can see, there is so much digestive support available. If you would like help determining which products are most appropriate for you, please come into the store and ask us! Or book an appointment with our naturopath or one of our nutritionists.


  • Genestra Digest Plus
  • Now Betaine HCl
  • Flora Udo’s Choice Ultimate Digestive Enzyme – Urgent Care
  • CanPrev Digestion & IBS
  • Salus Gallexier Herbal Bitters Liquid
  • Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

The bottom line: health stems from the gut, just as illness begins in the gut. Keep your digestive system running smoothly in order to properly eliminate toxins, and to absorb as much goodness from your food as possible.


These are the “good” bacteria that naturally live in our digestive tract. We’re all full of bacteria, inside and out, and the “good” bacteria in probiotics helps to crowd out and displace the “bad” bacteria that can make us feel sick. Bacteria influence our health in literally hundreds of ways. The beneficial bacteria, or “friendly flora” in probiotics is especially noted for their ability to improve digestion, heal the gut, support the immune system, and boost mood. As the majority of people in this culture have a dramatic imbalance of gut bacteria (that is, far more of the bad guys than the good guys), probiotics are crucial and can be a total game changer. If you’re feeling mentally foggy, bloated, tired, heavy, achy, etc…. let probiotics bring you back into balance to get you back to that spring-time feeling of lightness.


  • New Roots Probiotics Urgency
  • Thorne Sacro-B (for diarrhea)
  • Flora Super-8
  • Genestra HMF Forte
  • Nova Vegan Sport

The bottom line: everything stems from the gut, and so restore your gut health with “friendly” bacteria to improve digestion, immunity, and mood.


Not everyone will need or want a weight loss product, but that’s why we have SIX categories for you to choose from, and only require you to pick FOUR of them.

We all have toxins in our bodies. That’s just a reality of our modern world. This means that we need to keep up with maintaining our health and doing what we can to ensure that we keep flushing those nasties out of our bodies. So where do we store toxins in our bodies? In our fat cells.

Winter is a time of comfort food, and thickening the outer layer of our bodies can help to keep us warm in the winter. Now that spring is upon us, if you need a little help slipping back into your leaner form, there is a plethora of weight loss products available on the market to help. …But they are not all created equally. Watch out for damaging products such as high-caffeine pills that blast you with shaky energy to knock off the pounds while zapping your adrenals and leaving your heart pounding. Instead, consider what might help to bring your body back into balance to help you find your healthiest weight.

Do you crave sweets often? Do you get shaky or irritable if you don’t eat as soon as you feel hungry? Your blood sugar might be unstable. Balance your blood sugar levels with cinnamon chromium, as well as fibre and healthy fats. Garcina cambogia can help with blood sugar levels, but careful, as it also can suppress appetite.

Are you stressed? Stress sends a signal to hold on to fat – if you’re panicked, then all your body knows is that something not-good is happening, and there might be a famine coming! Store! Conserve! Keep a backup reserve of energy! Calm your nervous system and support your adrenals to rebalance your cortisol levels and allow your body to let go of excess fat stores. Herbs like ashwaganda, passion flower, lavender, and rhodiola can help, as well as medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps, or other nutrients like l-theanine, tryptophan, or GABA.

Boost your metabolism with cayenne, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, MCT oil, or matcha/green tea/EGCG.

There are also items that act as fat-burners, and/or appetite suppressants, such as the tropical fruit garcinia cambogia. Please consider what might be out of balance in your system before adding something extra like this. Like any health goal, healthy weight loss is about working with your body to find balance and correct deficiencies, rather than forcing something without considering the whole system.


  • CanPrev Slim-Pro
  • Schinoussa Garcinia Cambogia
  • Waist Away CLA & Green Tea
  • Natural Factors Green Coffee Bean
  • Bulletproof MCT Oil
  • St Francis Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • New Roots Herbal Chill Pills

The bottom line: Toxins are stored in our fat cells, and so maintaining a healthy weight also helps to keep us less toxic. Achieving and maintaining the right weight for you is about finding balance in your body. Various systems can be out of balance, leading to weight gain, or the retention of weight. Various healthy products are available to help your body reclaim stability, and/or to help give you a boost if your weight loss has plateaued.


If you’re just plain feeling run down, as if your whole body is tired, with achy muscles and poor concentration, and possibly an irritable mood to match, then there’s something going on (which can possibly be addressed by the above supplement categories). Constantly feeling this way could indicate that you are eating a food that you are sensitive, intolerant to, or even allergic to. It could mean you’re not getting enough sleep. It could mean that long-term stress is taking its toll on you. It could mean that your blood sugar is out of whack. It could mean that your adrenals are running low. It could mean your hormones are unbalanced. There’s lots to consider in terms of the cause, and even more possibilities in terms of correcting the issue.

If you’re really feeling out of energy, sometimes you’ve just got to put yourself first, and rest. Remember: saying no to something (others) means saying yes to something else (you!). But sometimes you just really need to get out the door for something that can’t be put off.

While you work on cleaning your whole body with all the other great products above, like greens, a cleanse, probiotics, and stellar digestive support, a little something extra to help with energy production can be a great asset.

For the most direct pep-in-your-step booster, try a little something to help increase your energy levels! There are an abundance of plants that have great energizing effects. Many of them help with our energy levels by mitigating inflammation, balancing hormones, supporting our adrenals, or by providing the nutrients required for energy production. Some vitamins help directly with energy production, namely the B vitamins.


  • Four Sigmatic Cordyceps
  • Host Defense Stamets 7 Daily Immune Support (for immune AND energy!)
  • Vega Maca capsules
  • St Francis Chinese Ginseng
  • AOR Rhodiola capsules
  • St Francis Ashwagandha capsules
  • AOR Advanced B Complex

The bottom line: the cause of long-term fatigue must be addressed when present, but healthy energy support with herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins can be a great way to give you the boost you need while still supporting your health (as opposed to borrowing energy from tomorrow and further depleting yourself with substances like caffeine).


 Still not sure which products to go for? Here are some of our favourites:

Product Natalie Candace
Greens Pranin A to Z Vital Greens
Cleanse Wild Rose Detox New Roots Energy Cleanse
Digestive Support Aloe Vera Juice Now Super Enzymes
Probiotic Flora Super 8 New Roots Probiotic Urgency
Weight Loss Bulletproof MCT Oil CanPrev Slim-Pro Formula
Energizer AOR B Complex Organic Traditions Maca X-6

After dark, heavy winter, it’s time to get lighter again. Lighten up with us here at Vibrant Lifestyle! We want to help you become the best version of yourself yet.

Take advantage of our Get Back on the Health Wagon – Spring Edition sale this March and April!

Welcome to SPRING!

-Candace and the VL Team

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