Good and Bad News from Vibrant Lifestyle

natasha at storeThis is written by Natalie-the owner of Vibrant Lifestyle. Please keep in mind that I am writing this 4 days postpartum, so I will be somewhat brief as i have 20 min before the next feeding😊

We would like to share some news with you. 

News # 1. We will start with the Good One

Please welcome our Vibrant baby - Michael. Born on May 3rd, weighting 7.1 lbs. Michael was born naturally, without any interventions and medications at St. Joe’s Hospital. I am exceptionally grateful for the midwife care during my pregnancy and during the labour. I can’t thank enough my team of midwifes that made the birth a super amazing, natural experience and brought a healthy baby to life without any complications. Now, being at home and being overwhelmed with all the changes and new things, I am especially thankful for the postnatal care, support, knowledge that midwives provide......

We have many adjustments and things to learn ahead of us, and we are on our way. Mom (Natalie), Dad (Vadim) and Baby (Michael) are savouring every moment of this precious experience and loving every second of it. Of course, we could get more sleep, but it almost doesn’t matter now. Baby Michael is just a perfect creation and we feel like spending every minute with him.

News # 2. Now on to the Bad News

This is a goodbye note from the Vibrant Team.

Vibrant Lifestyle store and wellness centre is closing mid June-2017. It’s a combination of business & personal decisions.

In short, personal: I have decided to take at least a year off to spend with baby Michael as he is the most precious experience in my life so far. I want to dedicate myself to this little guy as I have previously dedicated myself to the business. I can’t do both at the same time.  Those of you who know me, know that I do things 200%, never less. Running a business (the way I want it) and having a baby, won’t be a healthy option for me and my family.

Business side of it is unfortunate, as it’s out of our control. Our rent has gone up unexpectedly and the new rate is unaffordable for us. Again, the timing of this is a bit crazy, as me, not being at the store for a year and not running my nutrition practice and cooking classes, will make this rent increase unsustainable. Hence the decision was made in April to close the business and maybe see it reborn it in a year or two somewhere else or in a different capacity. Vibrant Lifestyle might get a different spin, I don’t know yet……

Last Monday, May 1st, we celebrated store’s 6th Birthday Anniversary and that’s how we wanted to end this chapter: on a high, celebratory note.

We have had the most terrific ride with all of you - our customers. Vibrant Lifestyle was born out of desire to make people healthy and happy. that was our motto Every day, with Every customer, with Every cooking class, Every wellness seminar, Every one-on-one consultation. We never settled for less, we always had the best product selection, the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, the most beautiful, cleanest store😊, the best health store experience Toronto had to offer. We were known for a “healthy & happy place”. I personally never worked this much and this hard in my entire life. I loved every second of it though. It was the most difficult, challenging, but the most REWARDING EXPERINCE.

We love you ALL we are grateful and thankful for your support, but we have to say goodbye for now. Thank you ALL for making this 6 years a very successful, fun, meaningful adventure.

What this means for you:

  • everything is on 20-50% sale at the store beginning May 8th;
  • stock up as quantities are limited and everything must go;
  • if you usually rely on special orders those will be available until early June but at regular prices.

If you want to contact Natalie directly use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as she is not going to be at the store due to News #1 above….