Nutrition consulting

nutrition consulting


Good health starts with the food you eat. Food doesn't nourish the physical body alone; mind and spirit can not be divided from the physical self. You've probably heard this before: "You are what you eat". Sadly, most of people are malnourished, even though the food availability and variety is better than ever in history. What is the problem? The biggest reason for malnutrition is poor nutrient content and low quality foods, as well as poor digestion and poor absorption. So, it should read "You are what you eat and what you absorb".

In these individual sessions we deal with questions of diet, emotional and spiritual well-being, balanced living and exercise. Learning about you and your style will allow us to help you in many ways, such as:

  • Developing balanced diets
  • Digestion concerns (bloating, gas, indigestions)
  • How to increase your energy?
  • Use of dietary supplements
  • Detoxification/Cleansing plans
  • Food sensitivity evaluation and elimination
  • Chronic illnesses related to poor nutrition (More on this below)
  • Weight management
  • Good shopping habits and tips

References for Natalie

  • My experience with Vibrant Lifestyle and Natalie has been nothing but positive. From our first meeting Natalie carefully listened to everything I said about my goals, lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Read More
  •   I have had a binge-eating disorder since I was a young girl. Over the years I've done much personal work physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to come to terms Read More
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