Natalie Petyashina owner

My Philosophy

When choosing a practitioner you have substantial benefits over choosing a doctor. You can (and should) first talk to the person and find out what they consider the most important aspect of well-being and what do they believe in. Allow me to share with you what I believe in...

  • Better health and wellness can be achieved through smarter choices in food
  • Prevention is a foundation of health
  • Always address the root cause of the health issues, not the symptoms
  • Diets are quite useless, but understanding better food choices, exercise and finding peace in your soul is of paramount importance
  • Our lives are wonderful and exciting. We need reminding that we deserve to be happy, love and be loved
  • Positive outlook and attitude can do miracles
My motto is
If you know your food and yourself - you can be everything you ever dreamt about: illness free, full of life and energy, with positive attitude and purpose in life
My goal
To help people be healthy and happy using what nature provided us with

For more about me check-out

  • My experience with Vibrant Lifestyle and Natalie has been nothing but positive. From our first meeting Natalie carefully listened to everything I said about my goals, lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Read More
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