Nutrition Services Pricing

Foundation of Excellent Health 101 (One session) $240


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Most clients I see, have very little understanding of the relationship between what-you-eat and how-you-feel. Yet, food choices determine our long-term health and enjoyment of life.

This session is designed to provide personalized how-to(s) for understanding what affects your own well-being. You will walk out knowing what are the building blocks to fight fatigue, avoid weight-gain, increase energy, forget insomnia and elevate your mood. We discuss foods and supplements that are essential and which should be avoided and why.

We cover water, veggies, dairy, grains, meat, nutrition labels vs. ingredients and more.

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Nutrition Consulting

Initial Assessment (1:30 - 2 hours) $130
Follow-up (1 hour) $100
Follow-up (30 mins) $60

See below for Packages

Before your first session, please print and fill out the forms below. It is very important that you fill the forms out by hand rather than typing.

 General Consent Form
 Lifestyle Assessment Form

Body Composition Evaluation

Single session plus results review (30 mins) $30
5 sessions, reviews plus progress analysis $130 (Save $20)

Private services

1 hour Guided shopping tour [learn label-reading; options and alternatives] $90
1 hour Cooking class [food included] $100

All prices excluding HST. Prices subject to change without notice


Choose the right option for yourself

You can always pick your package after the Initial session!

  • 3 Sessions
  • $210
  • Useful for a simple overview of proper nutrition
  • Initial Assessment
  • 2x 30 mins follow-ups
  • Save $40
  • 5 Sessions
  • $295
  • Best Option for majority of non-chronic issues
  • Initial Assessment
  • 4x 30 mins follow-ups
  • Save $75
  • 10 Sessions
  • $510
  • Comprehensive approach to change your life!
  • Initial Assessment
  • 9x 30 mins follow-ups
  • Save $160

For best results I always recommend supplementing your visits with BIA evaluatoins.
Proper assessments will allow to understand how your body reacts to changes.