Are you sick of your
family being sick?!

Because prevention is always better than treatment.

I am passionate and specialize in the following issues (let's talk)

  • Kids nutrition & supplementation from newborns (yes, they need supplements too) to teenagers
  • Immune support protocols for kids and adults
  • Gut healing protocols during or after the SIBO, parasites, candida treatments
  • Preconception, pregnancy & postpartum diets, supplementation
  • Candida/parasites protocols, diet, supplementation
  • Diet & supplementation to reduce the impact of stress & anxiety

What does a holistic nutritionist have to offer?

Nutrition is my Passion, my True Calling and my life’s Mission.

I am here to help you!

  • 10+ years of experience working with hundreds of people 1-on-1 
  • Master classes, seminars, workshops taught live for thousands of people
  • In-depth knowledge and hours of training on everything about supplements, their quality, differences and proper application.

You Are What You Eat

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Immune Protocol for Kids

When you think about best supplements for immune system for your child you will be overwhelmed with conflicting information. Do not stress, let's break down what's essential and what is bogus. 

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For Guidance Turn to Your Genes

What if your little one still gets sick? Well, there may be challenges that are below the surface. Let me tell you how to know exactly what foods and supplement are essential for your family.

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Being a Strong Parent

But what if you are fatigued? IF everything seems overly complicated? What if you are worn out? This can be a result of too much bacteria in your gut that is making you feel this way. Take a short test to see.

about ME

Take it form a holistic nutritionist in Toronto

I Know How You Feel

Natalie vibrant lifestyle certified holistic nutritionist

Where to start?

I am Natalie. I am all about being Vibrant. I am a Holistic Nutritionist, founder of Vibrant Lifestyle. I teach how to be healthy and happy with the food.; how you and your kids can be Vibrant with lifestyle choices, food and supplements

I share my personal experience and professional knowledge on the every day Vibrant things. I love nature’s wisdom, back to basics approach. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself when we provide the right tools. Our bodies are designed to keep us balanced, healthy and happy. We forgot how to take care of our wellbeing and lost traditions on how to stay well. I am using a lot of folk Old World remedies that my grandma taught me.

holistic nutritionist Toronto Natalie Vibrant

I have been practicing for 10+ years, I owned a health food store/wellness centre for 6 years where I have became an expert in supplements, herbal remedies, organic foods, organic body care. I taught hundreds of healthy cooking classes, wellness workshops, detox programs. I have taught thousands of people about the healing foods and supplements. 

I am very well aware of the struggles, questions, concerns that the majority of people have. I have done my research, spent hundreds of hours on numerous trainings, experimented on my family and myself. I use my personal & clinical experience, my education, my passion to help & guide people on their healthy lifestyle journey.

Natalie the owner of Vibrant Lifestyle home of knowledge for parents with picky eaters

I became a mom in 2017 and had to close my store and wellness practice for financial and personal reasons. At that time I have put all my energy and attention to raising an organic, vibrant baby. I immersed myself in the motherhood experience fully and stayed home with my son until he started going to Montessori school. I chose to practice part time and continue this magical motherhood experience.

My son is now full time at daycare, so I am back full time practicing and sharing my new personal experience about adult and kids nutrition, supplementation and wellness. Kids nutrition and supplementation became my new passion as I saw first hand how important it is to provide super nutrition (food and supplements) to the growing humans.

I also learned a lot about women’s health during pregnancy, post partum and how moms need as much nutritional support as babies. Mom’s well-being is directly correlated with kids health. We are interconnected. Moms are neglecting their diets, sleep, routines. It’s understandable, but by taking care of ourselves, we can provide a better care for our children.

I believe in a lifestyle approach vs diet approach. I believe in personalize approach as we are all biochemically unique.



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