Learn how to be Vibrant with food and lifestyle choices

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Targeted guidance 1-on-1

Intro session 1.5 hours $180

Follow up sessions: 1 hour-$120, 30 min -$80

Bundle: Intro session, 2 -30 min follow up sessions $300 ($40 savings)

Bundle: Intro session, 5 -30 min follow up sessions $500 ($80 savings)

diet review

Review of your diet/food log with suggestions and recommendations $200 ( 1 hour)

What supplements to take?

You want to start taking supplements. Where do you start? What supplements to take, when and dosages: 30 min call $80. You will have an opportunity to buy supplements through   my website at a special discount after the consultation.

your current Supplements review

Review of the current supplements you are taking with suggestions on the dosage, when to take , how to combine them. 30 min call $100. This is specific service addressing supplements only. You are not sure what to take, what brands, now often and now many tablets. I will provide you with recommendation of the type, brands, custom dosage for adults and kids. You will have an opportunity to buy supplements through   my website at a special discount after the consultation.

she helped me prepare for a healthy pregnancy and I now have a healthy beautiful baby girl.

I am so grateful to have Natalie in my life. Her guidance and support have been absolutely crucial and essential in meeting my health goals and overcoming my health challenges.

Evelyn S.

she knows her stuff when it comes to EVERYTHING health

Natalie has aided me tremendously in my journey to health; both as a customer at her store and as a client of her personal practice. Every step of the way, Natalie has been there endlessly with quick answers - this girl knows her stuff when it comes to EVERYTHING health! Every time I came to her with a new idea, she had already known about it. When it comes to helping people fix themselves, she is on the ball and when it is necessary, she isn't afraid to step off the beaten path and try something new. Of all the health professionals I know, Natalie is at the top of the list. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Scott E.

She taught me the importance of understanding-how food is meant to nurture and heal the body

When I started with Natalie I was what I would call food stupid and unaware of the impact of food has on our bodies. I grew up in a household where meals were meat, potatoes and a veg. No thought, creativity or awareness of what specifically we were consuming; and unfortunately for me, I carried that same approach into my adulthood. Through my journey with Natalie, I learned that food is not just fuel for the body, but it plays a major role in shaping our body. She taught me the importance of understanding what specific foods do to your body - how food is meant to nurture and heal it. Natalie taught me to understand the association of certain food as a trigger for my pain, inflammation, discomfort, skin rashes and a whole host of other alignments that I had no idea were associated with what I was consuming. Armed with this newfound knowledge I am able to successfully and happily navigate through my grocery store outings, social outings and work functions without triggering a setback in my health.Thanks to Natalie my relationship with food has changed - it is no longer an automatic shovel food in to keep me going. Food is joy. It should bring enjoyment to the senses, it should not hurt and cause hurt within our bodies. I enjoy cooking and discovering new foods and how to prepare them.I will always struggle with my bad habits but thanks to Natalie I have tools that I can use to help me overcome my challenges. Tools that are easy and make sense to me.

Kate K.

Natalie is an incredible Nutritionist

Natalie is an incredible Nutritionist and person. She is thorough, caring and on top of her information! She is always willing to look into alternative methods and work together towards the best of my health. I am happy finally to meet a professional who actually deals with the issues and not the symptoms. Her sessions are always very educational which is another great benefit. I will continue to work with Natalie on the path to greater health.

Inna V.