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About the story

  • In "The Little Monster Truck's Big Jump," children will learn the importance of patience and hard work in achieving their goals. Through the lovable blue monster truck's journey to jump over 10 buses, young readers/listeners will see the rewards of dedication, perseverance, and the value of not giving up. This heartwarming story is designed to inspire and encourage children to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams with determination and grit.
  • Pages: 24
  • Adult reading time: 10 minutes
  • Bonus: 2x colouring pages and 1x maze
  • Written by: a real father, not AI


what people say

This is a fun story with illustrations that really bring the characters to life. My son really enjoyed the maze and coloring pages at the back of the book. I suspect this book will be in our nightly rotation of bedtime books for a while.

Greg Fisher

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coming soon



Fun Stuff to Complement the Book

If you loved the characters, make them come alive with these cool additions:

Below are sample pages from the book

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+ Includes two pages to colour & a maze to solve