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Powerful Reasons to Start Your Meditation Practice


Meditation is the art of quieting the mind so that attention and inner calm may emerge in a world full of conflict.

To comprehend how constant turmoil might harm your mind, view it as a lake. When someone throws a stone into a lake or a boat goes by, ripples and waves spread out in all directions until they reach the shore and dissipate. Consider that your thoughts are the waves inside your head.

Being frequently exposed to negative ideas and overthinking what occurred in the past or what will happen in the future distorts your mind's calmness, leaving you feeling anxious, tense, worried, and stressed. Unfortunately, in a bid to overcome these unpleasant thoughts and return mental tranquillity to our lives, we allow our thoughts to rule our minds rather than the other way around.

When you find yourself plagued by negative thoughts, anxiety, or worry, it is important to remember, that like the ripples in the lake, those in your mind will rise and fall in intensity.

Instead of attempting to control your thoughts or trying to silence your mind's chatter, you should let them come and go while watching them float away. Meditation is one approach to accomplish this.

Meditation is nothing more than a method for calming the mind. It can be a clear pathway to self-discovery, as well as a restorative and healing process for the mind, body, and soul.

Daily meditation practice is a simple, yet effective way to meditate for beginners that will help you bring your mind back into balance and decompress your mind's overworked state thus creating feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Before we delve into meditation how to, let's see why meditation is beneficial.

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If meditation had a sound it would be silence.

Why should I meditate?

In truth there are many reasons. which one appeals to you?

  • meditation can improve your sleep quality
  • meditation reduces stress levels and anxiety
  • meditation reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • meditation promotes more creativity in your life
  • meditation helps you find peace with yourself and other people too!

If you feel like you live on autopilot and you want more connect to your life you might want to try mindfulness meditation. It helps regulate negative emotions in a way and cultivates positive emotions like kindness / compassion. But this is just one type of meditation for beginners.

Which type of meditation is right for me?

Meditation may be a long-standing practice that is still followed in many areas of the world. Not all meditation techniques are suited for every person, and different skill sets are required. You should not read this and think that is complex.

I will tell you there is really no right or wrong way to meditate... simply focus!

  1. Guided meditation is done with hints on how to meditate. It might be music, it could be spoken instructions or meditation classes where meditation teachers guide you through meditation techniques.
  2. Mindfulness meditation began in Buddhist teachings and is the most well-known type of meditation in the West.
  3. In Eastern religions such as Daoism or Hinduism, spiritual meditation is frequently employed.
  4. Focus meditation consists concentration via all five senses. You can either concentrate on a sound, or simply work with your breath.
  5. Even scientific meditation is being used nowadays to treat chronic diseases and has great potential in the future. But scientists have not yet arrived at a consensus about meditation's nature. For this reason, meditation research is difficult to generalize.
  6. Movement meditation is good for people who find peace in action and prefer to let their minds wander.

While there are many different kinds of meditation, they all share universal benefits. Here are five compelling reasons why you should start meditating and cultivating it as a daily habit.

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Gain Inner Peace

Just like your house, your mind needs to be cleaned. Every day, we fill our minds with negative thoughts, emotions, energy and a ton of junk that piles up, filling our body, heart, mind, and soul.

These negative thoughts can come from many different sources; the media, interactions with other people throughout our day, the environment, our job, and even from within ourselves.

If you don't practice meditation on a regular basis, this negative garbage builds up inside you over time. You become a living trash bin filled with bad ideas and emotions. This in turn affects your mental health.

When you practice meditation on a daily basis, you cleanse all of this waste from your system, much as you do when cleaning your house. You eliminate the negativity and return that energy to the earth, which can be transformed into good energy. You are no longer weighed down by the confusion in your life after a single meditation session.

It will take time to eliminate the bad energy if you haven't been meditating on a daily basis. After months of practicing meditation on a regular basis, you'll notice that your mind is completely tranquil. This mental calmness will result in more self-awareness.

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Increase Your Self-Awareness

Is your mind wandering and you cannot stay focused? You have about 60,000 thoughts every day running through your mind. It might be difficult to know what you are thinking all of the time because you have so many ideas going through your head on a daily basis.

You may experience a constant inability to understand what you are thinking of or what you want. Meditation gives you the clarity to know what you are thinking and provides you with the ability to recognize your inner desires. Meditation brings you an increased self-awareness.

The thoughts in your mind include those that you are actively engaged in, as well as those that you aren't conscious of, but are always there.

Those who don't meditate on a regular basis are only able to catch a few of the hundreds of ideas that flash through their mind every hour. Those who practice meditation can notice even more things.

The more you practice meditation, the more you bring awareness of the present moment to your life. It allows you to be more conscious of your thoughts, how you think, what you want, and what you feel. This level of clarity is vital for making decisions and living a successful life.

Without the sort of clarity and self-awareness, you gain from meditation, you can become easily swayed by the external factors that surround you. So start meditating.

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Become More Grounded and Calmer

As you begin your regular meditation practice, you become more unattached to the physical world, and you start to observe your own reality like a third-party observer.

As time goes on, you start to realize the feelings and ideas that run through your head. You learn how people act around you and what things in your environment affect you. Meditation frees you from being controlled by your ego and instead aligns you with your higher self.

This kind of detachment allows you to become more grounded, calmer, and level-headed. The chasm between the stimulus and your response to the stimulus grows wider. With meditation, you can find the time to observe, process, and assess everything that is happening around you.

In the past, there might have been events that resulted in consciousness lowering behavior, where you automatically reacted like you always do out of your typical persona.

Practicing meditation will enable you to, moving forward, better deal with these events, without having your consciousness lowered. It allows you to handle them more objectively and in a more detached manner without having to worry about your ego interfering.

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Cures Insomnia

Sleep disturbances, like not being able to fall asleep or staying asleep affects millions of Americans daily hurting their overall well-being.

The daytime sleepiness that follows can make you feel tired and unproductive, as well as have a negative impact on your health. Recent research found that mindfulness meditation, a type of mental relaxation focused on breathing and awareness, may aid in the treatment of ADHD.

One of the main reasons why people suffer from insomnia is because of the bombardments of thoughts in their minds. This can result in dealing with constant stress, anxiety, and depression.

Regular meditation can help you sleep better. Meditating clears out the clutter in your brain that makes it hard to sleep. You will be able to stay asleep through the night.

Meditation also aids in the improvement of your sleep quality. When you are sleeping, your mind is busy sorting through all of the mental clutter that you've accumulated throughout the day.

Taking the time to meditate before you go to sleep helps to remove this clutter and set your mind at ease for a more peaceful rest.

Engaging in mindfulness meditation before going to sleep will help you in consciously resolving emotional issues that happen throughout the day, allowing your subconscious mind to become restful and alleviates the need for it to wake you up during the night.

The end result is longer and more restful sleep, allowing you to wake up energized and refreshed.

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A Great Source of Inspiration

We all have different brain functions to perform, and yet we're mostly only using about one percent of our brains. Our physical forms and ego are in control of this one percent. That means the remaining 99 percent of our intellect resides in our subconscious mind.

It is this 99 percent where our most powerful ideas lie. This is the part of the brain where we get our inspiration, our best solutions to problems, and our greatest ideas.

The power of the subconscious mind is what many great leaders utilized in their every day lives to obtain clarity and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Those who work in jobs that require a significant amount of creativity, such as musicians and artists, have either learned how to access their subconscious mind or are naturally able to do it.

Meditation allows us to tap into that 99 percent, which is usually shut out from our physical lives.

Being able to tap into the 99 percent is like a secret pass that allows us to gain instant, new ideas, and solutions that we couldn't have generated with our conscious mind.

If you're seeking for fresh ideas for something you're working on or a vexing problem that you can't seem to solve, consider meditating on it and see what you get.

You may strengthen your connection with your subconscious mind by practicing on a daily basis. You will be able to enhance your connection with your subconscious mind through constant practice. After some time, you will find that the solutions generated by your subconscious mind are often more insightful and effective than those produced by your conscious mind.

Learn more about meditation and how to start in my free course!

Stereotypes about meditation

Meditation is not associated with any particular gender, age, or social class. For decades, individuals of all ages and backgrounds have practiced meditation. Some people do use meditation in a religious sense, but knowledge's application does not automatically make it religious.

Another myth is that meditation takes itself too seriously. It dmands standing up long with arms folded as they repeat: Ohhhmmm. no, it does not.

It's time for us to sit down and really feel our emotions. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular among athletes (for example) in order to enhance mental activity. They are not kissing any trees or burning incense, either.


Overall, the many advantages that can be gained by regular meditation will work together to provide you with a more satisfying existence.

Meditation helps you become more in control of yourself, allowing you to be more optimistic and revitalized.

Meditation helps you get more out of your life every day with regular practice. Bringing awareness to your life on a daily basis.

Getting started down the road to a happier and healthier existence via meditation does not take much effort; all it takes is motivation and dedication to fit it in on a regular basis. Start meditating with any meditation techniques that are appealing to you; discover what your body feels, learn to tame the situations when your mind wanders, it only take a few minutes.


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